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Parking Lot: a good facilitation Tool!

Posted by jc-Qualitystreet on 2010/12/16

The Parking Lot helps to track important items, ideas and issues that may not be useful to discuss at a time in the agenda.

The principle is to return to them later.

Parking Lot in action

Parking Lot in action

The Parking Lot is a simple facilitation tool:  you just need a poster and some sticky notes. But it enables you to send strong messages to participants of a workshop:

1. « I’ve heard you »
2. « We won’t forget »
3. « We will talk about it for sure »

Indeed, at the end of the workshop or when the training day ends, we take 10 to 15 minutes to review the items put in the Parking lot with the team.

We seek to identify:

  • Items that must be addressed now (AND so we do NOW)
  • Items that need to be address but not right now (so they remain in the Parking Lot)
  • Items that no longer need to be addressed, for example done (so we remove it…)

Because sometimes it is not the right time… For your training or coaching sessions, the Parking Lot is a really effective tool!

  • Agile Scout said,

    Thanks for this idea-nugget. Totally worth taking up a small space on the wall just for these types of things!

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