Tuesday, September 22, 2020

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About Me

Jean Claude GROSJEAN


Agile Coach
User Experience Consultant
Trainer (Scrum; Scrum Product Owner; Agile User Experience)

Contact me : jcgrosjean@qualitystreet.fr

User Experience, Testing and Agile Methods are my interests, those I want to promote. French readers can still follow me on www.qualitystreet.fr


certified-scrummaster-grosjean-logo ….

I am an Agile Coach, Facilitator, Agile UX practitioner, and trainer working in Paris (France).

Involved in iterative and incremental projects since 2005, I started as an internal coach (for a software vendor).

Working full-time as a coach & trainer for about 6 years , I am now coaching individuals, teams and organization on their journey toward agility and have experience in various domains & industries, with multiple teams working in very different contexts (collocated to distributed, at scale or not)

UX advocate, I am also passionate about facilitation, Open Space Technology organization, Innovation games and Agile & Lean Management.

What I do…

Agile Coaching (Organization, Management, Team and Individual level)

– Lean Coaching

– Facilitation

– Training

– Agile User Experience

After completing a master degree in social & organizational psychology and human computer Interaction in 99 and one year of practice as a psychologist in various organizations, I started as a Business Consultant for Arthur Andersen Luxemburg.

Over my 13 years in IT, working for multi-nationals, a software vendor and various agencies, I have played different roles enabling me to broaden my initial skills (Usability – User Experience) to software testing, requirements engineering, Q&A and project management

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