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To Learn List… because learning is essential!

Posted by jc-Qualitystreet on 2011/11/15

… learning again and again!!!

A To learn List for the Team

A "To learn List" for the Team

Agility and learning are intimately linked.

Learning is a key dimension of Agility, a key component of an agile mindset, and a major Human characteristic. In parallel, Agility (with Scrum or XP for example) is a land where learning can really flourish:

  • Co-located and cross-functional teams are sought…
  • Cooperation and collaboration are facilitated…
  • learning situations (Release planning, Collaborative workshops and Product Backlog Refinement, Planning poker, Pair-Designing, Pair-programming, Retrospective, gaming…) are fostered…
  • knowledge sharing is expected…

they all are good examples and valuable opportunities for learning and improvement. But why not going further and giving to the le arning activity a good place on the Team Information radiator?

On the wall, you who already have your Taskboard, your Product Vision, your Product backlog, your Impediments List (obstacles), maybe the Personas for your Product and a Risk board.
Try now the « To Learn list » in order to monitor and enhance this essential activity.

The « To learn List » belongs to the information radiator. Continuously visible and accessible by anyone (management including…), it can be updated continuously even if the « Daily Scrum », « After daily », Collaborative workshops or Retrospective are excellent moments to do that.

Personally I have also adopted this « To learn List » at home and am very satisfied with it!

Just Be Curious, Try it!