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The Wheel of Agile Management

Posted by jc-Qualitystreet on 2013/03/18

Inspired by classic coaching tools (like the wheel of life), this wheel of Agile Management helps me in my coaching activities with Managers involved in Agile transformation. The tool is visual and efficient, useful to explore current situation or to prepare coaching.

Thank you to @bangalaurent helping me to formalize it!

The Wheel of Agile Management

The Wheel of Agile Management

Obviously, the wheel is not fixed and can be contextualized …

For details of each category, take a look at this article : Manager 3.0 Being an Agile Manager

How to use it?

This is a self-assessment tool …

  1. Explain each category (for example what does it mean to support self-organized agile teams? what is behind delegation?)
  2. Ask the manager to score his sense of satisfaction for each acategory, with 0 (the worst) to 10 (the best) and to join up all the marks (numbers)
  3. Ask Questions … for example, what did you notice by completing the wheel? Does your Agile Management wheel look and feel balanced? Which category do you want to improve first? With regard to this wheel, what exactly do you want now?