Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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Agile UX Training: A very good feedback!

Posted by jc-Qualitystreet on 2011/01/21

A very good ROTI !

A very good ROTI given by the participants!

User Story Mapping, Vision, Personas, Specifications Workshops, Guerilla Usability and more … all the activities of the Agile UX practitioner during these two days of training.

User Story Mapping Workshop

User Story Mapping Workshop

the opportunity for participants to return to foundations (both Agile and UX) but also to learn new techniques, new practices …

Product Vision Box Workshop

Product Vision Box Workshop

Participant introducing a pragmatic persona: Raoul !

Participant introducing a "pragmatic" persona: Raoul !

the opportunity for a heterogeneous group, composed of 7 Agilists and 3 Usability consultants, to discover each other,  learn to work together and ultimately find that Agile UX collaboration works!

Regis: a pragmatic Persona under collective construction

"Regis": a pragmatic Persona under collective construction

In short a great class  and a real pleasure to do the training !

More information on this training session (in french)