Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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Jakob Nielsen on Agile …

Posted by jc-Qualitystreet on 2009/01/07

Once again Jakob Nielsen, one of the most famous Usability evangeslist is doing a good job. His alertbox, Agile Development Projects and Usability, is short, well written, and the report itself well documented.

Agile methods aim to overcome usability barriers in traditional development, but pose new threats to user experience quality. By modifying Agile approaches, however, many companies have realized the benefits without the pain.

A good summary, but I regret Jakob doesn’t insist enough on new challenges, constraints and adjustments that Interaction designers and usability specialists must do to efficiently work in such a context.

Finally, his conclusion is pretty fair: Agile methods and usability can perfectly work together to enhance product or service quality and the overall user experience.

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